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Bets are placed using colour chips. Each table has a selection of different colour wheel chips. Each player is given a different colour to identify one player's bet from another. These colour chips can only be played at the table from which they are issued.

The game commences when the Dealer spins the ball. The player should at this time place their bets, although they may place their bets prior to the Dealer spinning. As the ball slows down, the Dealer shall announce "No More Bets". Once this announcement has been made, no further bets will be accepted.

The number and colour of the slot the ball falls into shall be the winning number and will be announced by the Dealer, marked with a "Dolly” and all bets shall be paid or removed accordingly.

Should 0 (Zero) be the winning number, any bets placed on the outside chances will lose.

When you have finished playing at the table, your colour chips should be given to the Dealer to exchange for cash chips. You may use the cash chips on other games or cash them in at the Cashier counter.


  The house reserves the right to declare and invalid spin in the event that:

  • The ball is spun in the same direction as the wheel.
  • The ball does not complete 4 revolutions.
  • A foreign object enters the wheel.
  • The ball is propelled or falls out of the wheel.
  • Any person interferes with the ball or rotation of the wheel.

  Once the spin has been declared invalid, it shall remain so, regardless of whether or not the ball has settled in one of the compartments before the Dealer’s attempt to remove the ball from the wheel.

Casino in goa

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